HIPPA Compliant Telehealth Appointment in the comfort of your home

Through this service, our patients can easily book an appointment from the ease of their houses, and our

staff will reach out to them according to the scheduled day and time.

Live Video

At JENS Wellness, we offer live video-call sessions for our patients.

Around-the-clock assistance for emergency needs

Whether its day or night, a weekday or the weekend, our team at JENS Wellness is available 24/7 to

assist you and answer your questions and queries.

Therapy sessions with medication

At JENS Wellness, our professionals are available around the clock to provide therapy sessions along with

medication (if required).


Things we are currently working on:

At JENS Wellness, we believe in constantly improving our methods and services. We are focusing on:

Availability of more doctors around the clock.

Online assessment forms.

Increased duration of video sessions.

Availability of medication in bulk